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Street Choirs Festival 2017 in Kendal

14 Aug

Great weekend, thanks Kendal! And thanks, Ieuan, for the video of the weekend (evening performance about 17 minutes in). Great to link up with other Campaign ChoirsCampaign Choirs logo


Chelsea Manning freed!

18 May

17 May 2017. Great to be able to celebrate rather than demonstrate for a change! Three cheers for whistle-blowers!


15 December: Aleppo Vigil and Chelsea Manning’s birthday

18 Dec

Aberystwyth’s Aleppo Vigil took place on Chelsea Manning’s 29th birthday – strangely connected in that among the cables Chelsea released to WikiLeaks were many relating to Syria, as a place where violent insurrection could be fomented.


Standing with Standing Rock

18 Dec

Côr Gobaith sing in support of Standing Rock, Aberystwyth Harbour (10 December 2016) – occasionally in competition with the wind! Thanks to Ieuan for ever ready recording!

Street Choirs Leicester 2016

18 Dec

Great festival, thanks Red Leicester for being magnificent hosts and organisers! Here is an account of our Saturday, starting with busking and ending with the evening concert, the songs being ‘Lives in the Balance‘,  ‘Mark my Words‘ and ‘Sosban Fach‘ (Nest’s version).


3 Sep

11 October 2014,  12-2pm, Golobal Frackdown Day at the Senedd, Cardiff. Click here for songs (revised 7.10.2014)

17 September 2014: The Other Western Front at the Morlan, Aberystwyth

3 September 2014: Seven Jewish Children at Aberystwyth Arts Centre

30 August 2014: Campaign Choirs at No NATO Newport

No Art for Oil

2 May

Côr Gobaith at cinema screening of BP sponsored Viking exhibition film at Aberystwyth Arts Centre Tuesday 29th of April 2014.  Everybody took the leaflets and seemed to enjoy the singing (we did, anyway!)

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